In regard to positive feedbacks given by participants of last year’s edition, Carpathian Basin Economic Exhibition and Conference will be organized in 2018 by Hungarian National Trading House to bring under one roof the whole Hungarian diaspora for developing relations between economic operators of parent state and cross-border regions. It is expected that 400 exhibitors and 1.500 visitors will take part on the unique business forum.
Strengthening the national cohesion and identity has become one of the most important achievements since 2010, in public law, social and economic terms as well. Among these areas, succesfully launched development programs have been overtopped which support Hungarian communities within and without borders.
The 2nd Carpathian Basin Economic Exhibition and Conference is a business forum and B2B meeting providing great opportunity to intensify Hungarian-Hungarian cooperations, as well as to review results of national policy and define objects of the common future.

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